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MiraCosta Online Ed Flex Workshop - Shared screen with speaker view
Jim Julius
Ingrid, yes, you can use Speedgrader to provide the grades/feedback, you just wouldn’t be able to annotate anything if nothing was turned in digitally.
Margarita Baca
sometimes the media comment does not always work
Ingrid Sbacchi Bairstow
Ok, thanks Jim. Could I upload it myself however, so that I could annotate on speed-reader? For example, take a picture of the assignment and then upload it myself (while students are learning how to upload assignements)
Himgauri Kulkarni
could we please cover audit log feature?
Jim Julius
Ingrid, that sounds like a lot of work for you! I don’t think you could upload on behalf of your students and then use speedgrader. However, you could annotate the paper in the traditionally way, then scan the result and attach that to your feedback for the assignment.
Ingrid Sbacchi Bairstow
Ok, good point. Yes, it is a lot of extra work — just scaffolding our low-tech esl students and trying to find the best way to move forward. : )
Liesl Madrona
@Ingrid, Perhaps it might streamline your work and help students practice uploading a non-credit assignment a week before you require them to upload.
Ingrid Sbacchi Bairstow
Liesl, thank you! That is a good idea as well.
Jim Julius
Himgauri, that’s probably a bit beyond the basics for today. Here’s a Canvas guide on the quiz audit log though: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-26377-how-do-i-view-a-quiz-log-for-a-student
Liesl Madrona
:) Glad that helps Ingrid.
Jim Julius
Himgauri, if you have questions after reviewing that guide, I’d recommend you follow up personally with the Canvas 24x7 phone support or with Karen to get more assistance
What if we have the quiz already written up? Can we just upload it as an assignment? (How would they see the answers?)
Liesl Madrona
@Patricia - when you create a quiz, it'll automatically show up in Assignments. Students can see answers if you've added an option for students to see answers :)
Jim Julius
@Patricia, are you asking about uploading a file with all the quiz questions to have the students print and complete offline?
I’ve had them do a honor correction by uploading the key for them to check. If there’s a better way of uploading a quiz and then correcting it, I would like to know of it.